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Sachetti’s Sports Is Proud To Offer First Pitch Pitching Machines Made In The USA In Minnesota
With A 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!!

Yes a 14 Day Satisfaction
Guarantee & 5 Year Warranty for residential use and a Full One
Year Warranty
for Commercial use
. WOW!

You get Jugs Pitching Machine high quality or better and for
Hundreds Less.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.  


First Pitch Baseball Pitching Machine & Softball Pitching Machine, Football Passing Machine & Football Kinking Machine and Soccer Kicking Machine & Soccer Passing Machine, Cricket Bowling Machine have been out selling name brand pitching machines for years. Sachetti’s Sports sells First Pitch Pitching Machines worldwide. First Pitch pitching machines are high quality just like Jugs Sports pitching machines but at much lower price then Jugs pitching machines. The pitching machine allows Baseball Coaches,
Softball Coaches and Football Coaches to create various game-like situations in minutes. The pitching machine will be your favorite assistant coach while it moves through a trouble-free practice with pace and efficiency, drill after drill. Year, after year, for years to come you will enjoy First Pitch’s quality in our pitching machine.


A Great American Sport, The First Pitch in Baseball and Softball Of  The Season Is Savored by many. The Baseball Pitching Machine, Softball Pitching Machine, Soccer Machine and the Football Machine, Passing
& Kicking Machines,
are important in the training of our young players.
 And let’s not forget Cricket Bowling Machines.


Sachetti’s Sports is proud to offer such high quality pitching machines at affordable prices. As a service we have provided some links to some of the best Baseball and Softball websites. Please take time to check them out. From Major League Baseball to Little League, from High School Ball to College Baseball and let’s not forget Softball, training a good hitter to be number one. There are all kinds of drills and equipment but everyone knows that a quality pitching machine is an absolute must have. Not every team can afford a quality pitching machine and that is one of the main reasons First Pitch came about. They wanted to make sure all players could have the opportunity to have the best batting training. So they decided to make a machine that most could afford but still had the high
quality like a Jugs pitching machine. You can save hundreds of dollars buying First Pitch pitching machines. They are so good that they come with a great 5 year warranty. Sachetti’s Sports has no doubt that you will get years of satisfaction from these Baseball Pitching Machines, Softball Pitching Machines, Cricket Bowling Machine, Soccer Machine and now their Quarterback Football Passing Machine and Football Kicking Machine combo.


Sachetti Sports is proud to offer Baseball Pitching Machine , Softball Pitching Machine , Football Kicking Machine , Football Passing Machine , Soccer Kicking Machine , Soccer Passing Machine , Cricket Bowling Machine , Soccer Machine , Pitching Machine


Sachetti’s Sports Proudly Selling

Pitching Machines By First Pitch

Made in the USA

Minneapolis, MN 55422