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Original Pitching Machine Combo, Baseball & Softball


The First Pitch Original Baseball Pitching Machine & Softball Pitching Machine Combo

Original First Pitch Pitching Machine for Baseball & Softball

Remember Our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 5 Year Warranty for residential use and a Full One Year Warranty for Commercial use. WOW!

First Pitch Original Heavy Duty Combo Baseball Pitching Machine & Softball Pitching Machine is a Real Ball Pitching Machine With a 5 Yr Warranty!

The First Pitch Original throws baseballs & size 11 and or 12 inch softballs. It comes with 2 loading tubes, and you can switch tubes in seconds without tools. This Machine comes with one set of long legs for ( Baseball ) or short legs for ( Softball ) it’s your choice or if you want both there is a $60.00 up charge. The First Pitch Original throws pitching machine balls or real baseballs and softballs.

Angle and speed are adjustable 20 to 80 MPH for accurate, consistent pitches.

You can always add the Auto Ball Feeder option also available for only $ 359.00

Quality construction combines the strength of steel with weight-saving aluminum. This pitching machine is compact and easy to carry to games.

Do not forget a Pitching Machine Transporter. We have a few to choose from. Save wear and tear on you pitching machine with a transporter and yourself.


The First Pitch pitching machine will look good and operate reliably even after years of service. So when your kids have outgrown it, your resale value will still be there.

The Five-year warranty and Customer Service ensure your satisfaction. We are proud to say that over the years we have thousands of satisfied customers.
First Pitch combines the quality and features of far more expensive machines like the Jugs Pitching Machines — easy operation, shaped ball track, strong motor, and top-quality materials —  but at hundreds of dollars less then Jugs, we are very competitive in our pricing. We are proud to say we use USA made Leeson Motor and Minarik dc Drive.

Details: Adjustment knobs are nickel-plated aluminum; main bracket is black zinc-coated steel; other parts are red powder-coated aluminum. 1/3 HP motor operates on house current and draws 5 amps; grounded cord is included.


As with all First Pitch Pitching Machine Products, this machine is in Stock ready to Ship Monday through Friday.


When you invest in a pitching machine, you want to be sure it won’t let you down. We are a reputable company that takes care of you with spare parts and warranty parts and repairs.

Features of the First Pitch Original Pitching Machine

  1. Contoured ball track channels the ball through the machine for a more accurate pitch
  2. Precision machined fit with locking pin, easy to install and remove legs with one hand, and very solid foundation for the machine
  3. 3/16 inch steel skid plate bracket for solid and consistent pitches
  4. Hand knobs for skid plate adjustments allows baseballs, 11″ softballs and 12″ softballs with no tools required
  5. Hand knobs for ball feed tube, switches feed tubes without tools in seconds!
  6. Rubber capped legs prevent tube from filling up with dirt and provide solid footing on hard surfaces
  7. Spring loaded pivot point allows for smooth pitching adjustments
  8. Precision damping lock allows for easy angle adjustments and locks machine setting during use
  9. Fully enclosed control panel with 0 through 8 speed dial representing 0 through 80 mph pitching speed
  10. Simply one of the very best in quality and price, you will love your First Pitch Original Pitching Machine.

What is the difference between the First Pitch original and the First Pitch XL
Both of these machines have the same motor and controller and for the most part are all most the same. There are three basic differences. 1. The original pitching machine has two sets of legs, one for baseball and one set for softball. The XL has legs that adjust so that only one set of legs is required. 2. While the original will tip forward for ground balls and back for high arc pitches, the XL will tip further back to throw pop flies. 3.  The XL pitching machine has a 360-degree swivel feature for more versatile fielding practice. It all depends on what kind of pitching you want to train with.

Add Softball and or Baseball Pitching Machine Balls to your order… Pitching Machine Balls


Remember Our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 5 Year Warranty for residential use and a Full One Year Warranty for Commercial use. WOW!

First Pitch is a great company, and warrants the operability of your pitching machine for 5 full years for residential and non-commercial use, and for 1 full year for commercial use from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against manufacturers defect or premature failure during reasonable normal use. Commercial use is defined as Batting cage or training facility for hire. Schools and leagues are considered non-commercial use.


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