Pitching Machine Balls
Pitching Machine BallsPitching Machine BallsPitching Machine Balls

Pitching Machine Balls

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Pitching Machine Balls

Product Description

Dimpled Pitching Machine Balls


Dimpled Yellow Baseballs and Dimpled Yellow Softballs are made to replace a real baseballs and softballs when using pitching machines. Rest assured that these are the official size and weight of regulation baseballs and softballs. So you have the comfort of knowing before you purchase your baseball pitching machine or softball pitching machine that you are hitting and fielding the exact same weight and size as regulation baseballs and softballs. The balls will work in any pitching machine that pitches dimpled baseballs and softballs. Again the weights and dimensions are the same as real baseballs and softballs. The balls are a bright yellow for visibility but you may order White baseballs also.

Cimarron Non-Seamed Dimpled Yellow or White Baseball Features:

  • Polyurethane dimpled baseballs and softballs for most any baseball pitching machine or softball pitching machine.
  • Non-seamed
  • Bright yellow baseballs for visibility
  • Size and weight are same as a real baseballs and softballs
  • Use in a wide variety of pitching machines
  • Price is per dozen
  • Yes you can also order White Dimpled Baseballs

First Pitch Pitching Machines takes great pride in being a USA manufacture out of Greenfield Minnesota


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