Pitching Machine Transporter Jr

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Pitching Machine Transporter Jr: You can pitch while it is still on the transporter.


Pitching Machine Transporter Jr Cart

Sachetti Sports offers this great affordable Pitching Machine Transporter, the Jr pitching machine cart that makes it so easy to transport your Baseline pitching machine or Relief Pitcher pitching machine to the field, batting cage, or back yard! Talk about easy, you simply attach the machine to the transporter cart, and use the legs as handles! That’s it. Pitching machine transporter carts save wear and tear on your machine and you.

The Pitching Machine Transporter Jr Cart

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Dear Valued Customer: First Pitch Inc. is a family owned business and has been manufacturing pitching machines and sports training machines for various sports since 1999 (20yrs.) We pride our selves as being one of the top brands when it comes to Durability & High-Quality, Nationally and Internationally. There are no brands on the market currently that are of a higher quality. The difference with First Pitch is that when you compare our pitching machines to the other current top brands, you will find, that you will save hundreds with First Pitch.

So, if you appreciate Durability & High-Quality & want to save Hundreds with great customer service, you are at the right place.

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