Cricket Bowling Machine Pro



Cricket Bowling Machine Pro, Cricket Coaches #1 Choice


Cricket Bowling Machine Pro

Be the Pro that is in you and up your Cricket game with this awesome Cricket Bowling Machine Pro from First Pitch. If you like high quality and heavy-duty durability, you are going to appreciate this, top of the line cricket bowling machine pro. The quality is the same if not better than Jugs Cricket Bowling Machine and you save over $800. + WOW. Coaches love this cricket bowler machine, it’s their #1 choice in the USA and Internationally. Cricket is growing in popularity around the world and demand for cricket bowling training machines are on the rise. The design and engineering of this Cricket Bowling Machine Pro by First Pitch Inc is nothing less than genius. If you’re looking for a cricket training machine that will put your players through all the drills, routines and skills building, this is the machine you are going to want.

The Cricket Machine Pro has an awesome swivel-design that provides 360 degrees of movement for all the fielding drills you want to dish out. It can simulate both right handed and left handed bowlers. The Cricket Bowling Machine Pro can perform all the types of deliveries you could want, such as in-swing, out-swing spin, top spin, leg spin, off spin and even short pitched throws. It has adjustable legs that allows for even more realistic scenarios. If you also are looking for quality bowling throughout your training and practice sessions this is the cricket machine for you.

Cricket Bowling Machine Pro Features:
  • Up to 168 Kph or 104.5 MPH
  • Fast Bowling
  • Spin Bowling
  • Swing Bowling
  • 2 Meter Release Point or 6.5 Feet
  • No Tools Required
  • Two 1/3 HP Motors
  • Chose between 120v or 240v
  • Five Year Warranty for Teams, Leagues, Colleges, Schools & Residential use.
  • One Year Warranty for Commercial use like Batting Cages.

Ships in 48 HOURS!

Free Shipping (US only, excluding AK and HI) Call or mail for a shipping quote for AK, HI and International. Please provide your actual shipping address to the quote is accurate.

A message from First Pitch Inc. Below.

Dear Valued Customer: First Pitch Inc. is a family owned business and has been manufacturing pitching machines and sports training machines for various sports since 1999 (20yrs.) We pride our selves as being one of the top brands currently when it comes to Durability & High-Quality, Nationally and Internationally. There are no brands on the market currently that are of a higher quality. The difference with First Pitch is that when you compare our pitching machines to the other current top brands, you will find, that you will save hundreds with First Pitch. People always ask us how we can sell our machines for what we do, and we always say, how can the others be charging so much, if the quality is the same.

So, if you appreciate Durability & High-Quality & want to save Hundreds with great customer service, you are at the right place.


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Sachetti Sports is proud to offer you this awesome Cricket Bowling Pro Machine from First Pitch Pitching Machines and the fact that it is made right here in the USA in Minnesota.



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